Geriatric care - Made in Germany

German-Chinese cooperation initiative ( Döpfer Group – CDBB)

Geriatric care training of Chinese applicants in Regensburg and Schwandorf (Bavaria, Germany).

As a geriatric nurse, it’s your job to help individuals requiring care to lead as active a life as possible.

  • You learn to help them maintain and restore their individual abilities.
  • You not only take care of and look after the elderly and sick, but you also advise and support them and their relatives in all their challenges.
  • The objective is to enable the people entrusted to your care to lead and maintain a life on their own to the greatest possible extent.

A promising future and secure employment lie ahead when you study at our school for geriatric care thanks to the continually rising demand for caregivers across the country, especially in the case of the elderly.

You’ll gain comprehensive medical and nursing care skills during the three-year practically oriented vocational school training programme for geriatric care.

The Döpfer Schools have offered healthcare training for 25 years. We have the experience and expertise required to make your training a complete success and to equip you with the skills necessary for your future career. We look forward to mutual sharing and learning with you!

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Why choose the Döpfer Schools?

We’ve offered geriatric care training for many years now and have thus gathered a lot of experience as your training partner!

We carefully select our employees and create a constructive learning environment for you to participate on a level playing field! We encourage and challenge you and train you based on the latest scientific knowledge, thereby guaranteeing a smooth transition from theory into practice! With over 50,000 satisfied graduates to date, we are one of the leading private training providers with seven locations in Germany.

YOU are our main focus. We want to develop your skills and optimally prepare you for your future!

Training concept

German vocational training for nursing care is divided into theory (2,100 hours) and practice (min. 2,500 hours). The theoretical part takes place at the vocational school, whereas the practical portion is carried out at an institution of your choice.

The three-year full-time training programme is based on the Training and Examination Regulations for Geriatric Care and the Vocational School Curriculum for Nursing Professions, published by the Bavarian State Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs. 

Our teaching staff and specialist lecturers from a variety of fields (e.g. doctors, psychologists and educators) give engaging yet practical lessons of a high standard, considering the latest scientific findings and focusing on imparting knowledge on one-to-one basis.

They ensure a positive, personal learning atmosphere with a high degree of practical relevance.

Career opportunities

  • Ward management / group home / nursing management / nursing home management
  • Nursing school instructor
  • Independent nursing care service
  • Specialist in geriatric psychiatry / rehabilitation and/or hygiene
  • Hygiene officer
  • Quality controller
  • Health advisor
  • Ostomy therapist
  • Nutritionist
  • Geriatric therapist (further education in the field of sociotherapy for the welfare of the elderly)
  • Internship supervisor/mentor
  • Health care management assistant

Free services

  • Internet access (WiFi)
  • Computer room (Internet)
  • Online learning platform (Download of scripts/chat room)
  • Access to medical library

Required application documents

  • Letter of application
  • B1 language certificate
  • Curriculum vitae with a photograph
  • Last interim or final school report
  • Application video

Training fees

  • There are no tuition fees
  • Monthly training allowance provided by care facility
  • Travel costs, excursions and accommodation (rent) must be paid for by the student. Costs of books and literature/learning materials may also arise during the course of training.


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